Welcome to my website
Hello my name is Stewart Mackenzie, however I have went by
the nickname of Stu Mack since I was at school. I started this
website for two main reasons, the first  was to help me learn
about website building and the second was to give me
somewhere to document my adventures. I have an active
interest in both outdoor pursuits and photography and hope to
use this website to display some of my pictures and give you
and insight to what I have been up to. 
In June of this year (2018) I will be moving to the Orkney Islands to live and
work and its during this time that I hope to be able to share with you some
details of my adventures along with some pictures of these beautiful islands
and their wildlife.
Please check back as often you can, as I said, I am teaching myself  web
design, so as my knowledge improves, I hope to be able to add more
exciting content and  new areas to the site where you can interact and leave
feedback. As I said its a work in progress so please bare with me.

Thanks - Stu Mack
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Latest Pictures
Road to the Isles
I have now been living in Orkney since
June 2018. During this time I have
visited several islands. These islands are
very scenic and I intend to add more
pictures as I continue my travels.
Gallery Update
More pics added
Stu Mack's Adventures
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